yosemite sam vector

yosemite sam vector

yosemite sam vector
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Yosemite Sam is one of Bugs’ toughest antagonists. Yosemite Sam is a character extra violent than Bugs’ most famed antagonist Elmer Fudd provided that Sam has a more difficult accent, a higher fierce voice, and a extra violent spirit. Yosemite Sam has had a couple of occupations in his lifestyles that Bugs has gotten in the way of. amongst his occupations are:

Police Officer/jail defend: In big house Bunny Yosemite Sam arrests and imprisons Bugs for a false accusation (escaping prison) and offers him 99 years in penal complex. then again he gets infuriated and lets Bugs out of prison after Bugs annoys him together with briefly getting Sam beaten up and locked up in penal complex himself. then again when letting Bugs out he’s arrested and jailed via the Warden for Bugs’ doings and for letting a prisoner (Bugs) get away.

yosemite sam vector


Pirate: In Captain Hareblower Yosemite Sam is a pirate captain who is ready to intimidate and scare sailors and different pirates. Captain Sam encounters a buying and selling ship led by using Bugs Bunny and decides to take it for himself. With all of Bugs’ fellow sailors too cowardly to face Sam and drowned within the ocean; Bugs challenges Sam to a struggle. Captain Sam and Bugs Bunny fight each other’s ships with Bugs on the verge of profitable. The struggle finally ends up with Sam being pressured to abandon ship to escape an inevitable explosion on his personal pirate ship. Captain Yosemite Sam then triumphs over Bugs by way of lighting fixtures Bugs’ gunpowder room into exploding and escaping with the aid of himself; but now not sooner than giving a warning for Bugs to go away; an order Bugs Bunny does not follow.

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